It’s here, our new TCW-GAV combined website and logo!
After the new owners purchased TCW Computer Systems (TCW) and Glick Audio and Video(GAV) in January of 2016, and after talking with each staff member, one suggestion was recommended over and over again…”We need to update our websites!” They took this to heart and started the search process a few months later. Many thanks to the creative and technical staff at Scheffey for the help they gave bringing our website to life, on time and on budget.

Another goal of these new owners was to more closely pull both organizations together in the eyes of the public. While GAV was purchased by previous owner Lamar Weaver over 14 years ago, and both organizations have been closely working together ever since, many of our customers didn’t realize they are under the same ownership umbrella. This prompted the search for an update to the logo that incorporates both TCW Computer Systems and Glick Audio and Video. Many thanks to Sharon Tschudy of Trump Tschudy Design for helping us navigate this process and create the new logo you see today.